I’m an enthusiastic come back horn player who found solutions to troubling embouchure challenges through The Balanced Embouchure, a development system originally written for trumpet.   

The Balanced Embouchure is often misunderstood as being a prescribed “rolled in” embouchure or a playing method that means rolling in and out.  Neither are accurate descriptions of BE. 

 BE is an embouchure development system based upon universal principles of embouchure mechanics, cognition and “muscle memory.”  BE is actually a set of simple exercises that systematically challenges the embouchure to function in every configuration possible thus enabling the player to find, consciously and unconsciously, exactly what works most efficiently for them as an individual.   It sounds complex, but it’s so easy to learn, even children master it.  In fact, children often learn it more easily than adults because they have less pedagogical baggage to interfere with the process.


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